tote bag and books

Last week the postman brought home three wonderful books:

I am learning how to sew and make patterns while I make them, and I was needing some kind of referece book because I don`t have many basic sewing notions, I have discovered some by my own , but it`s hard and slow to learn this way.

So here I have one to learn a good way to make soft toy patterns so I can make my own patterns much better. It is “Soft Animals A to Z” by Carolyn Vosburg Hall, one of the best things of this book is that it explains so clearly the order to sew the softie`s parts. The order is so important when you are sewing any kind of stuff, but when you are making a softie it is one of the most important clues to make it all right.

Another book is “Simple sewing” by Lotta Jansdotter, and as the tittle says it has simple sewing projects, but made with a very good taste. Each project has a couple of drawings to help the mainly written explanations (so I learn to sew and I improve my english at the same time, great!), a picture of it finished, and also the pattern.

And the last one, but not the less important, “Craft Inc” by Meg Mateo Ilasco. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to make of crafting his/her way of life, although the legal considerations are only for USA laws, the rest of the book will be very helpful, it`s so well explained and it is soooo beautifully printed.

Koko also likes them, she`ll start studying the soft animals one, so logical.

And this is my first tote bag, do you recognize the brown and orange fabric? (*) It is not a good one to make softies, because it is too rigid, but it is great to make bags, appliques or any flat object. I love its print pattern.

(*) If not here you have the answer, click!



  1. !!me gusta !!!a ver si el mundo deja de usar bolsas de plástico y empieza a llevar a la compra éstas , que ademas son preciosas.
    yo pienso hacer acopio, y lucirlas en el mercado ya que no voy a grandes superficies .
    ¿dónde las vendes?

  2. Jelou mai frien

    Aiam tralling tu anderestan your messech…bat ai can-t, bicosof may inglis nivel of informeisssion is-n´t veri guudnes.
    Güel, if yu guont mi for ander-estanding your “totebagandbooks” text, meibi yu jaf tu putt dis text in anoder taim, it is, berriro, an in anodder basical idiom of de wuorl, adibidez in de clasical lenwitx of de “katoliks kings” (fer an isa)…
    or, laik yu meik abitualy…in de clasical lenwitch of de baske country, it is, de euskereision langueicthx, ai zink dat horrela is going tu be errezago for underestanding informeision by de feizzzz
    Güel, aiam goingg tu finishhhh mai leter guiz a ruily an sincerous “very gúel”…bicrosoft yut abitual wuorkc is guanderful…

    Pd: ai jaf rid de text, an ai zink dat ol de wuords arrrr in ingliseision (naiz eta esannahia ez ulertu, argi dago ingliseision idiomeision dela), bat ai jaf sii wuord guizout signifikeision…jou is de mining of “koko”?



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