home sweet home

Hi there! Nearly 12 days without computer or internet access, and there were surprises waiting for me on the net, the plush ladies meeting has been spotted in two of my daily reading blogs!

(click the images to read the posts)

And in two turkish blogs! I`ve tried to translate them, but I haven`t found any good translator, extrange sensation to see that they are talking about your work, but not understanding a word, I am very curious about it! I`ll continue with my turkish investigations ;)



  1. Hello, I’m writing here as a member of the Turkish site 10Marifet. Our aim is to share interesting ideas about several crafts from various sites by adding links.I saw your curiosity about the comments, and I decided to write you.No need to worry, all of the members expressed their admiration about the ladies,everything is allright :)


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