hoods with scarf



I have made a couple of patterns of a hood with a scarf, I find this very useful and of course I like how it looks. This is one of them, I`ve made it for a friend, she is the one who has most of my prototypes and tests them… As you can see the hood is reversible, one side is a flannel and the other something similar to a polar fabric, both of them very soft. I`ll repeat this pattern but making the central piece a bit smaller, at least for women`s.


This one I`ll keep it for myself, we have very cold days here… This pattern is much more simple, as it has not the central piece, but it is still reversible. The red fabric is the one I used for the night dress lady and sumiko, I told you that it was a super fabric… and very warm! There is another way to make hoods that I`ll try in the next days.



  1. BIEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Por fin tengo amiguitas para jugaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!
    ¿Como te llamas? ¿Caperucita with scarf?
    Chica, no se muy bien que significa tu nombre, pero no me importa…ESTOY TAN CONTENTA!!!

    ¿Cuando podemos quedar? No se, tomar algo, dar un paseito por el bosque, tontear con algun lobo, recolectar setas alucinogenas…
    ay, que contenta estoy!!

  2. uhm… nice staff…
    I like the hoods from… uhm… ever? always? whatever you say it.

    so… are we the males allowed to wear one of those? jeje
    I know that yes… so..

    I want mine! I will ask for one by mail :)
    something more… dark or so…

    I like so much the hoods with two seams…

    it can be a good way to start buying sweaters without hood jejeje…


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