curia street, vox populi

En el último número de Vox Populi (la revista de la Escuela de Idiomas) hay un reportaje que nos ha hecho Colm Rush a las Curiosas. Yo os transcribo solo la parte en la que hace mención a Beruta, pero todo está muy bonito,  y escrito con mucho cariño.  Se nota que Colm, además de vecino, es un buen observador. Estamos encantadas!

ˆBack in Curia, going down from the cathedral on the right, we meet another of this wonderful collection of innovative, artistic women entrepeneurs, Berta. She is also a relative newcomer as her shop, Beruta, is just a year old. This is a textile workshop and, as a glance at the shop window will show you something unique. At the moment, there is an exquisite mobile: a flock of multi-coloured ducks, flying in formation, suspended in space. Inside, soft, feminine, stylistic figures are everywhere; these are the ´plush ladies`. Tall, thin, elegant conical figures in miniature, each one is different. As Berta says, ” I don`t like to plan them. The design comes to me as I make them. They tell me what they want to be, what they want to wear.”
Her other speciality is ´softies`: soft toys in soft colours. There are green and blue spiders as big as your hand, but cute and innocent as a child`s toy should be; rabbits and dogs with floppy ears (these can be made to order). And of course, everything is made of cloth and touch and texture are everything! Berta herself will be perched behind her desk, diligently cutting to size fine cloth from the ample stock on the shelves behind her or stitching and sewing her latest creations. Her imagination is prolific, so is the variety of her creations, all tastefully displayes on distinctive shelving. It is as if she is creating and peopling her own world.ˆ

(Perdón por el grito, pero me consta que está muy lejos ahora mismo…)

Si queréis leer el resto y/o el artículo en castellano, encontraréis la Vox Populi en la escuela de idiomas o aquí en pdf. Yo ya tengo una en la mesita de lectura del taller.


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