batetik bestera

Ladiak pilatzen zaizkit mahai gainean, ideiak buruan, eta enkarguak kuadernoan.
Debería estar dándole duro a la nueva tienda online, pero no hay manera, solo me apetece coser.
Lately I am going from one thing to the other, some embroidery here, a necklace there, ladies in the middle, and very few of those you-have-to-do.



My working table is a complete mess, full of unfinished stuff, or better said, full of started projects. This is not uncommon, actually I have a very “dispersed” way to work , but this time my brain is much worse than my table. I need some cleaning.
Guztia hasi eta ezer bukatzen ez dudalaren sentsazioa dut, baina egia esateko bi itsaslaminak bukatuak daude ;) eta bi lepoko, eta kuxin ilunak, eta……
Bueno, ha llegado el momento… que no me visiten las musas, que se me aparezca el espíritu organizativo, por favó!

existencia vacación

Palabras rescatadas de dos conversaciones telefónicas.
Bai… borobilak, burbuilak edo zelulak marrazten ditut telefonoan nabilen bitartean…


When you talk by phone your hand disconnets for a while from you, and she goes her way writing and drawing without thinking. I make bubbles since I was a teenager, some days more chaotic than others, but bubbles anyway.
Today, after a morning chat, I`ve realised that sometimes I also free myself from them…


PD: La Pink Lady está terminadísima, una Leo, como no podía ser de otro modo. Pronto os la enseño.